Trina and ludacris dating online dating tips for men over 40

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Trina and ludacris dating

” The original version of the Ludacris song featured Nikki Minaj and went to #10 on the charts, but Trina and Eve’s remix packs more punch with 3 sexy females on the track.The LHHM star Trina aka “Da Baddest Chick” is not that much ‘bad’ when she is around her boo Raymond Taylor.When Trick Daddy’s ex-wife Joy was trying to get her groove back, she tagged her cousin Trina along as her back up.Now we bet Trina must be quite happy with her decision.This time around Trina is not only single, she’s back and badder than ever.The unforgettable line, “My chick do stuff dat your chick wish she could!As there is love in some place whereas fans are wondering if the other cast members of LHHM Christopher “Prince” Michael Harty and his girlfriend Liz Cifuentes are still dating or not.In one of the episodes where Trina and Raymond are in a double date with Joy and her partner, Trina states that she and Raymond are living their moment.

I think that’s really important for females because we’re really emotional. I think as a female you have to have that tough; that passion; that hard boy kind of attitude in order to make it in this game.” debuted at #14 on the Billboard Top 200 in 2002. She’s somebody that’s a friend in the industry, especially when it comes to females. There are so many people that are working to push the record.

Guys are usually the tougher, make-it-happen no-matter-what kind of thing. Now I have a deal through Priority which I guess is Sony Red distribution. Being signed to a major label, it’s a big machine behind you.

She’s a very hard worker and she did her thing in the industry. From Atlantic, I did a deal with EMI which was an independent kind-of label.

It took Trina some time to get over the drama and troubles caused by her ex Kenyon.

All thanks to the fellow co-star of LHHM and cousin of Trina, Joy Young, she got a chance to reunite with Raymond.

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Trina and Wayne almost married and got their names tattooed on each other, but scorn a woman like Trina and you’re going to hear a fiery comeback.

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