Row cannot be located for updating who is ethan zohn dating

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Row cannot be located for updating

However, my table has a primary key defined and rows can be uniquely identified using this key (an Int).I've read some time ago in this NG (I believe) that you can limit the ADO where statement construct by informing the ADO recordset about this primary key (or rather: dropping the other fields). Presumably the trigger's you've added are connected to the table you Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to answer.Hey can anyone tell me what is this error all about?"Key column information is insufficient or incorrect.Close and re-launch the de and the row is there, with the proper ID value. Properties['Update Criteria'].value to ad Criteria Key in the Before Refresh and Before Delete methods of both Datasets without result. And I have also set the Auto Generate Value property of ID in Detail Table to ar Auto Inc. I have just discovered that even the primary key of Master Table doesn't generate auomatically! Both primary keys in Master Table and Detail Table are Autoincrement field (Long Integer type).

But the problem seems to be on the Primary key fields, as they are not able to generate the proper increment value when I append a new record.

Too many rows were affected by update." I am trying to update some fields in my database tables and its giving this error. Update My table which i am updating is a weak entity without a primary key.

When i say debug its highlighting the update statement.

"Brian Bushay Team B" I have a very strange problem.

I create a very simple Access 97 database and I connect through Jet 4 and ADO.

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I have searched this NG and also Tamarack but cannot find this message anymore. It is a simple table I am trying to update, not a join.