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Caritas Sri Lanka launched a public campaign to save her life.Staff collected 100,000 signatures urging a royal pardon.Campaigners are hoping that the plight of Sri Lankan death row housemaid Rizana Nafeek could end soon with her release from a Saudi Arabian prison and her return home.Rizana Nafeek was sentenced in 2007 to beheading for strangling a baby she was looking after as a nanny in 2005.Rizana was just a minor herself when the tragedy took place.

Nevertheless, in 2007 the Saudi Supreme Court endorsed the death sentence at the insistence of the grieving parents.Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has directed officials to hold talks with the household in which a Sri Lankan female domestic is alleged to have murdered a toddler in her charge as discreet diplomatic efforts were underway to secure her release, a senior official said yesterday.The maid-Rizana Razeek has been placed on death row after Saudi Arabia’s highest court found her guilty of smothering the child to death.A few weeks after starting work for a Saudi family, she was feeding their four-month old baby.The boy started choking, Rizana panicked, shouted for help and tried to sooth the child by feeling the chest, neck and face. The family pressed murder charges, the police pressured and got a confession and a lower court pronounced a sentence of beheading.

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Others flee but find themselves at risk of arrest or as easy prey for sex traffickers.