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“You don’t have to ask, ‘What kind of culture are we building here? It makes it really clear who we are.”Left: Bodensteiner and Mc Graw celebrate Notre Dame’s March 18 win over Villanova.

The victory sent the Fighting Irish to their ninth straight women’s NCAA Sweet Sixteen. (Photo: Notre Dame Fighting Irish Media); right: Bodensteiner expresses her vision at a press conference introducing her as SJU’s new Athletics Director.

“I’m a metrics-driven person, so I’m going to look at factors like facilities, television exposure and scheduling to see what we need to capture lightning where we can and build sustained success where we need to.

Dating websites and dating apps have created a new dating culture.

Her father, Ivan, is a civil rights attorney and her sister, Julie (Bodensteiner) Douglas, teaches law at Notre Dame. And a good mentor is brutally honest with you and asks you the hard questions.”“Carolyn asked me if I loved what I was doing, if I felt fulfilled and if I was using my strengths,” she recalls. That inspired me to get my MBA and eventually to move from the general counsel’s office to athletics.”Bodensteiner continued to use her legal expertise as senior associate athletics director, assisting the department with compliance regulations and policy management.

But with a new-look roster, featuring 12 gold medalists from the 2017 squad and 15 newcomers, plus a new coaching staff led by Jenny Levy, this weekend’s Team USA Fall Classic marked a new beginning. “Part of what we’re doing is pushing for this 10-year goal of getting to the Olympics.

“We want to show a brand of lacrosse that’s exciting to watch and play,” Levy said.

“It’s going to take us a little bit to get there, but we will get there.

“I know they have a great staff and they’ll figure out a way to make them click.” “The time is right,” Levy added.

For Bodensteiner, being engaged is one of the most important things she brings to every aspect of life.

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