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The size of each panel will depend on the yarn and needle size used, as well as how many rows/stitches of border you add. Christmas Tree Ornament A pretty little Christmas Tree that you can decorate by sewing beads onto it.Mittens and Gloves I designed these mittens and gloves because I could not find fingerless and topless mittens I liked. The enlarged picture shows an ornament that used rocailles to hold the bigger “E” beads, as well as an ornament with just “E” beads.

If using the pattern for commercial use, please make an extra item to donate to charity. This very, very comfortable simple tee was knitted with Lano Gato's Feeling.The friend has cancer and wanted this for his brother and sister-in-law. The logo was charted with Bead Tool, a great tool for designing picture knit graphs.This was awarded 2nd place at the Great New York State Fair in 2010. The two proud Red Sox fans are Sean and Monique Mc Cabe! I saw an example of this on The Martha Stewart Show and just had to try it.This pattern has been entirely rewritten and includes instructions for making a teddy with a slight paunch.My apologies to anyone who tried to use the first pattern.

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So here is the pattern, as well as a picture of the adorable child wearing the finished the product.