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This summer, a new project had me in the archives for 2 hours every day.

At the Museum’s Ice Cream Social, the archivist eagerly introduces me to his wife and kids. The archivist and I can comfortably discuss many things; whether antiquities should be repatriated, what to do with confederate monuments, etc.In other words, you seem to be caught in the logical weeds of what I teach in Love U. (It’s good to have a satisfied boyfriend.) Not even because your sex life has dwindled.Maybe it’s because you’ve just read intermittent blog posts instead of taking the course, but I’m sincerely sorry that you feel I’ve led you down the wrong path. (Although it is problematic, it can theoretically be improved with mutual commitment.) The reason to exit your relationship swiftly is because it does not make you happy.It’s not your job to “put intimacy” into an intimate relationship (although there are things that can be done with the right kind of guy); it’s your job to find a guy who organically does the things that your co-workers do. And for the rest of our readers, if this topic – Intimacy, or the lack thereof –strikes a chord, I’ve just released an hour-long masterclass Q&A on the subject.In it, I answer my clients most pressing questions on the subject.

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But were she to leave the job, those friendships would probably not continue.