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Icamlive com

Note: many of the links below are no longer in service, and the accompanying information may be obsolete. Many different IP Camera live demos are used here to better help demonstrate the different methods and approaches shown here. Live Demos Using Many Different IP Camera Brands and Models You can embed virtually any IP Camera in a web page using one line of HTML quickly and easily that will not be using any controls for the IP Camera.

You can set the refresh rate of how often the image of the IP Camera will be refreshed from the IP Camera as well: Embed IP Camera In Web Page Using One Line of HTML The downside of not using secure methods to embed and display your IP Cameras in Web Pages and Web Sites is that you expose the DDNS/ISP IP Address, Port and User Credentials for your IP Camera when doing so.

The methods used to do this, may not work in all browers.

Anyone could simply view the HTML source code of the web page or websites, to locate the user level Id and Password you are using and attempt to access the IP cameras standard Interface to do this.

After three other people are doing the same thing, as one example, at the same time.

Others visiting your web page or website, may not be able to see your IP camera there, at that same time.

Call this an "Emergency Backup Plan" for personal use. Because of this, it may not be a good idea to use video streams in web pages or websites, unless you are feeding a video server that has a video player interface that can work with all devices and browsers.

Generally, video servers that provide these types of services for live streaming video are not free, and charges can vary by the number of visitors to your web page or websites at any given moment that you wish to support. This allows you to control what user Id can perform what actions.

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These connections will remain as connections until the third party software releases those connections or the third party application is stopped.