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Face to face sex chat rooms free yahoo

Prosodic features in SMS language aim to provide added semantic and syntactic information and context from which recipients can use to deduce a more contextually relevant and accurate interpretation.These may aim to convey the textual equivalent of verbal prosodic features such as facial expression and tone of voice Indeed, even though SMS language exists in the format of written text, it closely resembles normal speech in that it does not have a complicated structure and that its meaning is greatly contextualised.Words can also be combined with numbers to make them shorter (for example, "later" to "l8r"), using the numeral "8" for its homophonic quality. The child's speech (in full French spelling, "Mais c'est vrai! Nevertheless, various factors contribute as additional constraints to the use of non-English languages and scripts in SMS.This motivates the anglicization of such languages, especially those using non-Latin orthographies (i.e.

Likewise, such a change sought to accommodate the small number of characters allowed per message, and to increase convenience for the time-consuming and often small keyboards on mobile phones.

Reactive tokens include phrases or words like "yeah I know", which signifies a reaction to a previous message.

In SMS language, however, the difference is that many words are shortened unlike in spoken speech.

Recipients may have to interpret the abbreviated words depending on the context in which they are being used.

For instance, should someone use ttyl, lol they may probably mean talk to you later, lots of love as opposed to talk to you later, laugh out loud.

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In general, SMS language thus permits the sender to type less and communicate more quickly than one could without such shortcuts.