Does beck dating tori dating rejser til rusland

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" Tori asked."." The hair stylist said."Bye." Tori said.(Tori walks out of the hair and nail place)"Hey Trina can you give me a ride home? " Trina asked."In about an hour." Tori said.(Doorbell rings)"Or now." Tori says while opening the door."Hi." Tori said."You look amazing." Beck said with a smile."Well let's get going." Tori said."Bye guys have fun." Mrs." Tori asked."Ya." Trina said.(Tori, Trina, and Molly leave)"I'm just saying Tori, almost every girl loves Beck or has a crush on him at our school." Trina said while walking in the door."I KNOW! Vega said."Oh he is actually going to pick me up at 7 now, and it doesn't take that long to get ready." Tori said.(3 hours later)"Mom, how do I look? Vega said.(Beck and Tori get in Beck's car)"So where are we going?Vega said."Mother, its only ." Tori said."And it's a weekend." Trina said."You guys still need your rest." Mrs. " Tori asked."I wanted to tell you that I'll need to pick you up at 7 tonight. " Beck asked."Ya that's fine." Tori said."Ok, well I will see you at 7." Beck said."K bye." Tori hung up the phone and smiled.(Tori walked into the hair and nail place)"Hey Tori, how do you want your hair done today?Vega said."I'm 16, and Trina's 17." Tori said."Ok then whatever you say." Mrs. " The hair stylist said."Well, I am going out on a date tonight, so I was thinking curled." Tori said."I can definitely do that. " The hair stylist asked."Beck." Tori said."Oooo, Beck." Tori asked."A lot of people like him." The nail artist said."I know but he asked me out not anyone else." Tori said."Well Beck is not the kind of person to hurt someone." The nail artist said."I know he's not." Tori said."Well we are done here, go and sit in the chair in front of the hand dryer." The nail artist said."Ok." Tori said.(Tori dried her hands for 5 minutes)"Ok, Tori you're done here.

Listen we'll reschedule, maybe you can come after words." Tori said."Ok, I'll be at your house by ." Cat said."Gotcha." Tori said.

" Tori asked."I've been wanting to do that forever." Beck said."Well anyways I've been wanting to tell you that I think I am falling in "Love" with you." Tori said."Really?

I think I am to, I mean not with me but uh you, ya so." Beck said."This is awkward." Tori said."So do you wanna go out on a date tomorrow to Noe Zuu? " Tori exclaimed."Pick you up at 8." Beck said Tori and Beck walk out of the closet"Cat! " Cat asked."Beck just asked me out on a date." Tori said."When is it?

Another name used for this ship is Jeck (J/ade and B/eck), although that term is rarely used.

Bade also has its own wikis: Bade Wiki, Bade Fans Wiki, and Beck and Jade Wiki.

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Cat walks off"So, I heard your conversation with Cat over there." Jade said."Yup." Tori said."You and Beck huh?