Does active directory lock when updating pre dating questions

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Does active directory lock when updating

For example, patchmgr updates Exadata storage servers and database servers to Exadata version, or Exadata Infini Band switches to version 2.2.4-3.Software update tool that applies a Proactive Bundle Patch to an Oracle Grid Infrastructure home or Oracle Database home.However, you must check My Oracle Support note 888828.1 for any dependencies.It is not mandatory to apply each and every Exadata software update that comes out.Upgrading is allowed under the following circumstances: When an Exadata Database Machine is deployed, all of the software described in the table is installed and configured to deliver high performance and availability for Oracle Database.Extensive end-to-end testing ensures all software components supplied with Exadata work seamlessly together.

The fifth digit represents a cumulative update to a patch set release, for example, or first and second digits represent a major and maintenance database release, for example, 12.2 or 12.1.A major release or maintenance release contains new features, bug fixes, and security fixes.A sustaining release contains bug fixes and security fixes.A given feature release will have approximately four sustaining releases.

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While it is generally recommended for components to stay in step with the recommended minimum release, you can choose to update different components at different times.

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