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The person is still physically with us, but psychologically they are gone. Some of the most common are things like addiction, dementia, traumatic brain injuries, and mental illness.

If you have never lived through loving someone in such a situation, this can be hard to understand.

Though we still have a relationship with the person it has radically changed and we grieve the relationship we used to have.

Our ‘ambiguous grief’ feelings may be sadness and yearning, anger and guilt, or a range of other emotions.

We may not feel like we have the same relationship with that person – our marriage no longer feels like a marriage when one spouse can no longer remember the other.Check out our article on , which is about the grief that comes when we anticipate that we are going to lose someone.In contrast to anticipatory grief, there are times in life when someone we love becomes someone we barely recognize.Your mom, who always loved and supported you, doesn’t recognize you, understand you or says hurtful things.You husband, who was always kind and considerate, is now lying and stealing to support an addiction.

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The parent-child relationship no longer feels the same when a parent has to stop protecting, trusting, or helping a child in the same way due to addiction.

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