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Carbon 14 dating of papyrus fragments

They show Christianity to be rooted in Judaism and have been called the evolutionary link between the two.

Egyptians used cosmetics regardless of sex and social status for both aesthetic and therapeutic reasons.

The scrolls are most commonly made of animal skins, but also papyrus and one of copper.

Even after death one had to take care of one's looks.

When presenting oneself before the gods during the Judgment of the Dead one had best observe certain rules of dress and make-up in order to make the right impression: The King's order addressed to the High Priest of Amen, king of gods, Ramses-nakht.

They are written with a carbon-based ink, from right to left, using no punctuation except for an occasional paragraph indentation.

In fact, in some cases, there are not even spaces between the words.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in eleven caves along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea between the years 19.