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Backdating enfield rifle musket

To readdress the problem once and for all, in 1822 it was decided to make up thirty sample arms at Springfield and Harpers Ferry with the best being selected for copying and production at the national armories and among contractors.

A Harpers Ferry made musket was chosen and became the Model of 1822 in the 1841 Ordnance Manual (today aka M1816 Type II).

Having just more-or-less ironed out the problems with the M1835 musket the decision was made to just replace the flintlock and flintlock type breech with a percussion lock and a percussion bolster for the barrel and scrap the M1835/M1840 altering inventory to percussion and rifling and sighting them.

With few minor differences, the Model of 1842 was essentially the M1835/1840 with a percussion lock and breech.

However, problems with hand-made guns, non-interchangeable parts, drifting from patterns, and variations at the Springfield and Harpers Ferry armories as well as multiple contractors were supposed to have been resolved with the new Model 1812 musket. Attempts to create a standardized new musket were harder than expected and failed, creating confusion and controversy that lasted seven years and was not really ended until This were the modern typology of M1816 Types I, II, and III appear versus period writings and records that talk about the M1816, M1822, and M1831 muskets.

Almost as soon as the first of the new M1812 muskets came out in 1815, there were problems the worst of which was still the lack of one formal pattern or model!

In addition to minor changes, the M1822 was browned.

As a result, through 1862, these arms would dominate the Federal Army as well as the Confederate Army and could still be seen in some units marching in the May 1865 victory parade in Washington D. 3 United States forearms had evolved down from the French M1763/66/68 Charleville series and had been determined superior over the British New Short Land Pattern (aka 2 nd Model Brown Bess ) and its replacement the India pattern (aka 3 rd Model Brown Bess).

Still being enamored of the French, the committee formed by the Secretary of War looked around and arrived at the conclusion that the French M1822 musket was the most perfect.

In 1835 Harpers Ferry was ordered to manufacture the new pattern arms as the Model 1835 musket.

Springfield would make the revised musket from 1831 through 1840, and Harpers Ferry from 1831 through 1844, along with a number of contractors.

The M1816 Type III returned to being struck bright. As other countries began looking at modernizing their armies, some in the United States realized that the current model musket was basically a copy of a nearly seventy year design.

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At the start of the war the South had practically no military or industrial facilities within its borders that could manufacture military arms.

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