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Before you know it: separation followed by divorce. In every marriage or relationship, there are trade-offs. In closing, I can personally say that as a woman, there is nothing better than being at a party or event, looking across the room and seeing your spouse all dressed up, and thinking, ‘he’s adorable.’ Those situations can be the foreplay to romance and keeping the relationship sexy and young.

I’m probably scaring people right now, but the thing about the antisocial spouse thing is, it’s fixable. Things we tell ourselves we will do to make the other person happy.

I want it to be like when we were a childless couple, with the benefit of having the kids in the morning.’ Here is what I see happen to couples with this disconnect. I often wonder how these people become antisocial, and oftentimes I suspect the person is depressed, has low self-esteem and is just unhappy.

After months (years sometimes), the social one is tired of begging her antisocial spouse to go out, so she starts going out to the parties by herself. Eventually, she is at a bar and meets a man and starts having an affair. I’m a big fan of therapy, so if the person is willing to go see someone, either by himself or with you, that is great.

It's only the most stubborn who stay this way in spite of all the social forces coercing us into changing.

You might think, “I’m a good husband and father, I don’t cheat, I don’t get drunk, I’m not mean or abusive, and I bring home a paycheck. Why does my wife nag me constantly to go out with other couples and to parties? Having an antisocial spouse is a major problem and often leads to separation and divorce.While I wouldn't go so far as to call them misanthropic they could certainly be described as little agoraphobic with a love for the quiet life.I think society makes introvert women less introverted over time.It's possible for an introvert to be these things too, but it's less likely given that they're probably not spending enough time developing those skills.This ends up hurting introvert men the most because those are the traits most valued in men.

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