Albie manzo dating football dancer

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Maybe she's picked up somehow that acting out gets attention.

Everyone has a grand time at the party, including apparent armpit connoisseur Joe Gorga, who asks his wife, apropos of nothing, for a little sniff.

I couldn't rewind certain exchanges to divine hidden meanings and psychoanalyze relationships as thoroughly as I would like, the "ingredientses" of any good recap. That said -- the housewives and their respective spouses, sans Teresa and Joe Giudice, are getting ready for Rich Wakile's birthday party at hookah lounge Club Aladdin in Hackensack. Ashley shows up and looks genuinely pleased with herself about the T-shirts. Jacqueline is thrilled: "I knew you could do it," she says to Ashley, hugging her Teresa's food shopping jaunt is accompanied by running commentary about how she she cooks dinner for her family every night, and how she only cooks healthy foods with not a lot of ingredientses.

Kathy Wakile reminds us about Teresa's plans to open a restaurant and says, with no small amount of exhaustion in her voice, "There are millions of stars in the sky. One should not take away from the other." She all but adds, "Yadda yadda yadda." Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga is still grumping to husband Joe about Teresa's lack of enthusiasm for her singing career. Cut to the Hebrew National mini hot dogs in the cart.

The night of the party, everyone except Danielle and her daughters gather for drinks in the restaurant's bar for more talk about bubbies. "None of you knew me long enough to deserve to know what happened to me 24 years ago," Danielle continues. Girlfriend also shouldn't have signed up for a reality show if she feels that way.

She says she understands that they wanted to protect their family while they played Nancy Drew, but they didn't need to spread the book around town.

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"You're doing this for show." Joe Gorga is incredulous. Melissa thinks that it's Joe Giudice who has been keeping Teresa and her brother apart. Joe buys a stack of books and asks Teresa to inscribe one for him. to my brother Joe ...," she says out loud, her pen hovering over the page. I miss my brother." Joe then makes her read it out loud.